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Geodesic Dome Builder

If you are looking for an alternative to living in a box then read on. Home in a Dome uses a revolutionary hub connector concept designed by Michael with assistance from mechanical engineers, Chetan and Bilal. There are many single skin wall domes available from other dome manufacturers. Our Home in a Dome is a twin skin wall dome that achieves a wall cavity of 200 mm perfect for insulating with hemp wool.

Home In A Dome Is Not A Greenhouse

Our Home in a Dome can become your Home in a Dome with our internal layout design service from Mahir. Whether you are looking for a single floor or two floors we can help design a Home in a Dome perfect for you. We use recycled materials for the external skin and inner skin wall of your Home in a Dome. The materials we use make the walls low on maintenance with no need to paint. Simply wash the walls and your Home in a Dome is as good as new.


  • Geodesic Domes are the strongest known structure to us on the planet.
  • Geodesic Domes can withstand hurricane conditions.
  • By using recycled materials we are using up waste plastic found in landfill sites and
    the sea.
  • Twin skin wall forming a 200 mm wall cavity.
  • By using Hemp Wool insulation your Home in a Dome will be warm if the weather is
    cold and cool if the weather is hot.
  • Hemp Wool insulation is non-toxic sustainable material and can absorb moisture.
  • Low maintenance home as no painting required.
  • Non porous material so your Home in a Dome won’t crumble.
  • Innovative styling.
  • Designed to suit YOUR interests and specification.
  • Self-build / erection service available.

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